Permanent vs Live Trees

Permanent vs Live Trees


When you purchase a permanent tree, you choose the exact look you want. We have a wide selection of trees from 4.5’ to 10’ with a variety of shapes, colors, and light options to choose from. No matter which tree you choose, you’re sure to get a beautiful looking tree with no “bad side” or crooked trunk. Permanent trees are pre-lit as well, so the lights are perfectly spaced throughout.


Permanent trees are much easier to maintain than live trees. With live trees, you have to remember to water the tree and deal with the hassle of stringing lights. Permanent trees are easy to put up and require no additional maintenance. When it is time to take your tree down. there is no cleanup. Just store your tree in a safe place until next year.


The holiday season is a fun time of the year, but it can also be stressful. You’ll be able to relax knowing your permanent tree poses a reduced fire risk compare to live trees. They are also non-allergenic. The best part is not having to trek through the winter blizzard to eventually pick the ‘perfect’ tree, cut it down, get it home, and haul it inside for set-up.


A permanent Christmas tree is a long-term investment. High quality permanent trees will last for many years which will save you money over time. Our trees feature the most advanced lighting technology with professionally installed commercial grade lights. Our trees are sturdy and easily hold heavy ornaments. You’ll feel even better knowing each tree comes with a tree and light warranty.

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